High-maintenance Imaginary Girlfriend

the kss
July 11, 2009, 1:22 am
Filed under: diary

i hve no idea how i’m gonna explain this black eye to karen when she commes to pickme up. C(Ass) hit me when I toild him to  take his handoff of skylar.. Hee was so jealous (deserrves it, the cheater) to find just me nd skylar closing ddown thje el torito.   my sister and hker frienjds had left hours ago affter amy threwa fit bedcause i was salsadncing wit skylaar oh, skylar taught me the salsa! amy nd skylar will NOTT be facebok friends. catty!@! evidntly not enugh me to go rround. heh kidding. my sistr likes skylar tthoughbut she just about fell out of her chair whn skylar first arrived. shhe thought i made her up!!!!!!!!! wtf??????? i tol skylar therule when shegot to el torito: We shalll not speak of Karen tonight for she does not exist. heymaybe that’s why karen hasnt shown up yyet. she doesn’t exist!!!!!! heh kidding. where is she?? i’m sooo drunk. bet my eye hurts olny i dont know it yet. skylar felt so bad about C(Ass) hitting

wait a sec. did skylar kiss me??


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So it’s a love quadrangle now?

Comment by cmotlong


Four of us. Unless there’s someone I’m not seeing.

Comment by writerjoel

Well, as Flight of the Conchords say “A kiss is not a contract, but it’s very nice.”

So she kissed you. Are you really going to throw all the time you’ve invested into Karen away? Think this through, is all I’m saying. Think it through. With your big head, not the little one.

I think we understand each other.

Comment by totalblammblamm


I am a wreck right now! All these conflicting emotions. Anger. Guilt. Fear… Desire. I keep asking myself what to do and getting a different answer. Just many of these voices do I have in my head anyway?

Comment by writerjoel

I think you should listen to totalblammblamm. I mean, macho swagger comes easy when you’ve got someone there for you all the time like Karen. But push it too far, and you might suddenly find yourself all alone– is that something you can handle?

Comment by Seoulkaa


I feel like such a hypocrite. All that “macho swagger” over Karen’s infidelity, and now look at who’s the cheater? If I don’t tell Karen about the kiss, then I’m no different than her, am I? I can’t live with myself like this!

Comment by writerjoel

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