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Dr. Raleigh, You’re Fired
June 24, 2009, 4:56 pm
Filed under: diary

“Do no harm.” Isn’t that the doctor mantra or something? Apparently, Dr. Raleigh left class that day to go punch patients in the face with a roll of quarters. I go to him in pain and confusion, hoping for… at least some understanding about Karen’s infidelity. Yet all of his questions seem to blame ME. Then he asks if Skylar was a catalyst. Was I afraid of what Skylar would think of Karen, should they meet face to face?

When I point out that Karen and Skylar DID meet face to face in the Borders Bookstore, he goes off the deep end, and tells me that’s not possible. Like Skylar would lie and make the whole thing up. Right.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. Next he tells me that Karen is in the other room, and invites her into our session to force a confrontation in his office. I fired him on the spot, reminded him of doctor/client privilege, and got Karen and myself out of there as fast as possible.

On the drive home, Karen asks what that was all about. I tell her that Dr. Raleigh is a con-man trying to create a new need for his services, when the truth was that we were cured.

Karen’s never looked happier.


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In a way, I think you should have just sat back and let Karen speak up to the doctor’s foul. We’ve seen the fury she can unleash on you– imagine the diatribe she would have opened up on someone trying to meddle with your future together! Bet she’d have made you proud.

Comment by Seoulkaa


I wish I had your confidence in Karen. I can’t help feeling like Karen is mean to me sometimes BECAUSE I don’t defend myself. She probably would have joined Dr. Raleigh in pointing the finger of blame at me, even though she’s the lying cheating slut.

Why does she do that? Does she hate me for my weakness? I can’t blame her, I guess, because I hate me for it, too.

Jeez! Who let sad clown in here??

Comment by writerjoel

Just because someone is a doctor, doesn’t mean they’re a good person. Does the name Dr. Mengele ring a bell?

You did the right thing. I’m glad Karen wasn’t mad at you! You dodged a bullet there, Joel. Whew!

Comment by totalblammblamm


More like dodged a bullet holding a chainsaw riding a hungry pit-bull–yes, the collar IS Burberry! Good eye.

Comment by writerjoel

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