High-maintenance Imaginary Girlfriend

Close call
June 10, 2009, 6:20 pm
Filed under: diary

Skylar just called: The jig was almost up. She had followed Karen and her paramour into Borders Books to get more dirt, but lost them in the Cookbooks section. Then–wham! She ran into Karen face to face turning the corner into Art History. 

Thankfully, Karen didn’t seem to recognize Skylar at all. Whew! My memory of Karen being in the room when Skylar delivered us a pizza was just my mind playing tricks on me.

After that Skylar got some juicy intel: Karen’s paramour is named “Dave”. Funny, that’s my NEMESIS Estoye’s first name. 

Karen and Dave’s purchase? The Kama Sutra. I think I need to talk to Dr. Raleigh.


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Hm. I think she followed the wrong girl.

If you want a professional private eye, you need to hire one. Skylar was tracking Annette, I’m afraid.

Comment by totalblammblamm


You weren’t there. I made sure Skylar understood whom to follow. Your suggestion is crazy talk. If you want, I can refer you to Dr. Raleigh.

Comment by writerjoel

I’m trying to make you feel better. Don’t lash out at me because Karen is buying some crazy devil book with some dude.

Wait! I know… maybe she was buying it for you as a gift… or maybe she wants to try new “things”… wink wink nudge nudge.

The difference between you and me, Joel? The (burger king) glass is always half full with me. Your glass appears to be half empty. Nu?

Comment by totalblammblamm

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