High-maintenance Imaginary Girlfriend

—-(video) Episode 8—-
May 22, 2009, 5:59 pm
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It doesn’t hurt when she walks all over him. Find more at: highmaintenanceimaginarygirlfriend.com

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Hmm. The fact that you don’t know what you did wrong is wrong in and of itself. Shame on you!

No wonder you’re in trouble all the time.

Comment by Totalblammblamm


I honestly don’t see exactly how, but I’m strangely sure in the end this is all my fault. Shame on me, indeed.

Comment by writerjoel

Admitting you are the problem is .46723 of the battle!

Sort of. She’s gorgeous, by the way. You’re a lucky, lucky man. Even if she is a bit… ‘spirited’.

Comment by Totalblammblamm


Honestly, photos don’t even do Karen justice.

Comment by writerjoel

I believe you, Joel. I really do.

Comment by totalblammblamm

And by the way, I’m a chick. An old chick, but don’t I count as a non relation chick friend, sort of? I mean, I know I’m new and all…

But hey. I’m trying to recruit people to this site. Plus, I’m a huge fan of you and Karen. At the very least, if you two lovebirds ever tie the knot (fingers crossed!) I should be able to stand up in the wedding as best e-woman.

Comment by totalblammblamm

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