High-maintenance Imaginary Girlfriend

Whew! I’m not crazy
May 3, 2009, 5:26 pm
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Skylar had me worried for a bit. The more I hung out with her, the more I was convinced that I’d gone insane, and made her up in my mind. Get this: She loves Science Fiction movies. And I don’t mean just IRON MAN or LOST. Skylar bought PRIMER on DVD just to hear the commentary. That’s hard core. Karen could never even sit through PRIMER. 

And just what did Dr. Raleigh mean when I told him about Skylar?

“Making a REAL female friend is wonderful progress.”

Why would he emphasize “real” like that? What does he know that I don’t? He makes me feel like Michael Douglas in THE GAME. Ooh, that’s a recommend for Skylar. You can argue it’s Science Fiction. I bet she’s seen it already. 

Anyway, I’m pretty sure now that Skylar’s real, because I just came home from her weekly Sci-Fi Movie night, and met her friends, including her boyfriend, Cass. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t imagine him out of existence. Don’t like him, if you can’t tell.

Skylar says we should double-date when Karen gets back from Rejuvenations. Why does that make me uneasy? Karen will love Skylar, right? Who doesn’t love Skylar?


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Maybe Skylar can explain PRIMER to me? Please…

Comment by Dan Klass


The important thing to understand in PRIMER is its explanation of time paradox: That killing yourself in the past wouldn’t result in an endless loop, but would rather change the past, and retain the YOU that travelled back and murdered yourself. That YOU would be an error in the system, but all systems have such errors. That’s why, as the protagonist continued traveling back, changing the past, his body showed evidence of degradation, with bleeding and decreasing fine motor skills. He’s an ERROR. But even Skylar and I get a little lost at the fountain scene.

Comment by writerjoel

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