High-maintenance Imaginary Girlfriend

That went well
March 25, 2009, 4:55 pm
Filed under: diary

So, I’ve been better. After this many weeks of sexual frustration, I guess I snapped. I really put Karen’s never-worn lingerie on a blow up doll. That’s not that crazy, right? Sometimes I can’t tell when I’ve gone too far.

When Karen saw it, she got a knife and destroyed it. Irony: both the lingerie AND the blow up doll had the tags still on them. Both never used. Both unreturnable.

The bright side? Karen now INSISTS on therapy. She says it’s just for me, but is this perhaps some sort of subconscious recognition that she TOO needs help?

The mind is a rabbit hole, isn’t it?


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Sucks that you can’t return either. Maybe Karen’s preggers? Once they get the baby in the belly, there’s no need for your winky in her dinky. Just a thought.

Comment by Dave


First of all, watch the language. This isn’t Penthouse Forum. As for a baby, I wish. Although I don’t know if we have room enough for three in this apartment. Heck, there’s not enough room for two of us.

Comment by writerjoel

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