High-maintenance Imaginary Girlfriend

—-(VIDEO) Episode 5—-
March 25, 2009, 1:51 am
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It doesn’t hurt when she walks all over him. Find more at: highmaintenanceimaginarygirlfriend.com

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I love these. “Karen” does not deserve you!!!!!

Comment by Hillary

Hey sis! You found my online journal! Glad you like (don’t tell Karen!), but why do you always put Karen’s name in quotes? It’s her real name. It says so on her holistic medicine diploma. I know I couldn’t find it that one time, but it’s in a box somewhere I swear. I think I’ve figured out what you’re insinuating, and the jealousy is beneath you. She didn’t have a sex change, and calling her Karl behind my back only makes YOU seem less attractive.

I wish you two got along. Sturm and drang. Heavy sigh.

Comment by writerjoel

Oh lil brother…..I love you with all my heart. I can’t force you to give up your “true love”. God knows I’ve tried. I really just want you to be happy. I have a friend at work, by the way. She likes science fiction! I think you two would hit it off. FYI. Whenever you’re ready.

Comment by Hillary

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