High-maintenance Imaginary Girlfriend

Ugh! I need a more comfortable couch!
February 18, 2009, 6:45 pm
Filed under: diary

Last night Karen sits down to catch up on Real Housewives of New York, only to discover I mistakenly set the DVR to record Real Housewives of Orange County! She’s already seen those! Sometimes, I think Karen is too loose a cannon, but this one is all on me. And sure, banning me from the bedroom seems a little harsh. But she did make the bed for me in the morning with the tucked corners, just like I prefer. That’s love. Right?


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You spilled stupid sauce all over your blog

Comment by Andrew Gall

Quit screwing with my mind, Estoye! Andrew Gall at c-k.com does not exist! He’s a made up person! You think I can’t see that?

I’ll give you this much: a worthy NEMESIS you are.

Comment by writerjoel

Congratulations! Your blog’s airline seat has been upgraded to First Class Stupid. The luggage can stay where it is

Comment by Andrew Gall

Your blog just bowled a 7/Stupid split.

Comment by Andrew Gall

Your blog went to DSW and asked the sales lady if they had a pair of those black heels in size Stupid.

Comment by Andrew Gall

Quit hiding behind Andrew Gall, Estoye. It’s beneath a true NEMESIS.

Oh, and your blog denied it until the paternity test proved it was Stupid’s dad on Maury Povich.

Comment by writerjoel

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